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Baby Pepptow - The Journey

I am new to blogging and managing a website, so let me warn you that you will see that a lot of my upcoming posts will be baby or nursery related. There is a reason for that. I am pregnant with my first baby and couldn't be more excited!

Until we chose a name we have decided on the nickname Pepptow, not because of stomach upset, but because it is a blend of my maiden name and my husband's last name. Cute right? lol and disgustingly pink! hahah

Just to fill you in a little about my pregnancy, I have been on cloud nine, feeling good and going strong. No morning sickness, measuring correctly, standard pregnancy aches and pains... pretty run of the mill and I am oh so thankful. I am able to sit back and reflect now at just how amazing this whole experience has been. We had zero issues conceiving and so far (knock on wood) there have not been any complications. I have known so many people who have struggled to get pregnant or had very unfortunate outcomes and my heart just aches for them. As I sit here typing I can feel my little acrobat just flipping around bumping the boundaries and stretching out with full force. Just knowing there is a tiny life, part me, part my husband that is growing stronger inside of me every day fills me with such joy and hope.

We did a surprise pregnancy announcement for our parents at 14 weeks and their reactions were literally the best! It was so hard to keep a secret for as long as we did. Check it out:

We found out at our 18 week ultrasound that we would be having a BABY GIRL. It seemed like time crept up until that day. I wanted to find out what we were having so badly. Since that day it has seemed like time is escaping my grasp. I come up with ideas and plans only to find out that in the heat of excitement to get started, the hours have passed so far into the darkness that I will have to hold off for yet another day. I’m honestly not sure where time goes. It’s like I blinked and I’m 25 weeks already!

As far as life and the feeling of stability, it’s been a rocky road. I was laid off from my job of 7 years about 4 months into my pregnancy which is not something anyone wants to experience, most especially when you’re pregnant. I have a degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in engineering management along with 10 years’ experience in the field. I would think that would be a pretty solid track record, yet it’s very clear that it is not enough. I am finding out first hand that employers are not keen on hiring pregnant ladies. I get it, I really do, but it’s still terribly unfair.

As a woman, I am now doing my part to replenish the population. It’s my biological right/job yet I am being punished for it.

No one seems willing to hire me because they know I will be taking time off to care for my infant in a matter of 3.5 months. Sure, at an interview an employer will not (and is not allowed to) flat out ask if I am pregnant, but at this point .... I am obviously pregnant.

My husband and I have had a wonderful partnership since we met. It is understood that we both contribute. We both have always worked, so we both contributed to the bills and we worked together to complete housework etc. In our home we are equals. It’s been a wonderful balance and one that I think we both have loved and grown accustomed to. This joblessness has been quite an upset in our lives. He has picked up an extra job to make ends meet and I have taken care of everything around the house. We are both still contributing in some way, but I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not being able to contribute more. This has been the only real downside of the pregnancy. The timing for losing my job was just terrible.

Anyway, let me pick back up with a happier subject, the future. Get ready to see more tutorials for the projects I am doing around the house and some posts about my thoughts, feelings and decisions while making my strides into motherhood. This is an entirely new road I am on and I am excited to share it.


I'm a girl trying to figure out life. I thought I had it all together and then found out that I don't. I'm on the roller coaster ride called life and I want to share it with you. Be aninspriedmama with me.




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