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Baby Shower Recap

I have been wanting to write up this post since the conclusion of the shower, but things have been so busy since we got back home. I have been sitting here writing thank you notes and decided I wanted a break. Seems like a perfect time to start the post right?

First and foremost, the shower was amazing. Every detail from the decorations, to the food, to the cake, to the fun, friends and gifts was absolutely perfect. At the end of that wonderful Saturday my heart was so full. The love and generosity shown to Jaryd and me made me feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who are going to love and care for miss Harper. Living far away from most of my friends and family is the hardest part, but even so, this event made it very clear that distance makes no difference. Harper is going to have friends and family all over the place and will likely be a well-traveled youngster!

I want to say a big thank you to Holli and my mom for putting this event together. Holli was kind enough to host the event at her house and welcomed all my family and friends into her home with open arms. I swear I don’t know how she does it all. She has a husband and two young boys of her own, works full time and still managed to work with my mom to put this event together. Girl you rock! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this, and even more so I am happy that we were able to spend more time together because of it.

My mom has probably been dreaming of this day for years. I know my mom has wanted me to give her a grandbaby for a very long time and it’s finally happening! She obsessed over every detail for this shower and I can honestly say it turned out magnificent. We would talk about plans at length leading up to the shower, and she would try her best to keep certain things as surprises. Her excitement was absolutely contagious. She put a lot of time and effort into pre-planning and pre-making anything she could, so that the day/week of the shower as stress-free as possible. Thank you for everything mom. You are a total gem and I am lucky you are my mom.

My mother-in-law Tammy was able to make it to the shower too so it was amazing to have her there too and she was able to help set up. She goes out of her way to do so many wonderful things for us. She lives all the way up in New York and made the time to come visit with us and come down to the shower. It all worked out so perfectly, and based on all the fun activities, the food, the drinks, the cake, and the gift area, I can tell it was a very busy morning for the three of them!

There was a super cute entry table that had a date guessing game. Excited to see who will win that one! There were also favors at that table... and YOU GUYS... most of you forgot to take your favors! Don't worry, I will be glad to give them to you. They were cutely packaged hand sanitizers. I'll certainly be the mom requiring you to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before holding my baby (especially before shes had all her immunizations).

Holli and my mom made cute items for Jaryd and I to wear. He had a "Poo Master" apron. It was equipped with all the necessary tools to change a nasty dirty diaper, nose pin, safety goggles, wipes, even bath supplies in the event of a blow out. It was too funny! And for me I had a corsage to wear around my smallest area (waist? no... that's almost non existent! I guess that would be more like my bra band? haha). Mine was really cute. It was a ribbon with pearls and flowers. I loved it, but I have to admit for some reason when it was put on me I thought they said it was my "camouflage" rather than "corsage."

There was an entire room dedicated to a PHOTO BOOTH! That was so much fun. I have a link to a gallery page at the end of this post where you can see all the photo booth shots and more!! There were fun props and the set up used an ipad which I thought was super clever.

The food was delicious, the punch (that I could have) was tasty, and the room looked whimsically woodland. Just perfect!

We played a fun game of pictionary. I hope someone got some pictures of that. It was a blast, and there were a lot of boob drawings haha! I mean, how do you draw nursing pads??!!! The winners (My team! Woot woot!) received air plants. How cool is that? Those of you who know me know that I love plants and with the theme of the shower and nursery being woodland it was quite fitting!

Following the game we cut the cake. OH THE CAKE. The cake was absolutely gorgeous. To top it off, it may have been the best cake I've ever tasted. Not joking. The top layer was vanilla cake with Boston cream and the bottom layer was vanilla cake with raspberry filling. I had a HUGE piece because it was so so so good.

It was then time to open gifts, and wow there were so many gifts. Once again thank you all so very much for your generosity. Jaryd and I never in a million years expected to receive so much for Harper. She is certainly one lucky lady. I also want you all to know that thank you notes are in progress. I've been doing several a day and plan to send them all out at one time.

We seriously had a great time at the shower. It was wonderful seeing you all. I haven't gotten to see many of you in quite some time. I tried very hard to make it around to everyone and I'm sorry if i didn't get to spend as much one-on-one time as I'd like to with all of you. Just know that your attendance meant the world to me and Jaryd.

Without further adieu, here is a link to the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

Also, if you happen to have any more pictures that you took at the shower please send them to me! I would love to see them and maybe even add them to the gallery for others to see!

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