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Can you believe it’s March already? Today also marks the day that I am 28 weeks into my pregnancy. WOW! The end of this month will mean we have been living in this new house for 6 entire months. I swear it feels like just a month ago that we got here. I’ve decided, in order to keep myself organized I am going to write down my #goals to make them real.

March is going to be a big month. Here are some of the major events:

  • I have my glucose test next week to see if I have any issues with gestational diabetes.

  • The time changes this month! People generally get bummed that we “lose” and hour, but I like that the sun is out in the morning and you can hear the birds chirping when you first wake up. I’m hoping to start a small garden this year so daylight savings time is always welcome.

  • National plant a flower day!

  • My husband and I have our baby shower mid-month. It will be great knowing what else we are going to need with some time to spare.

  • The first day of spring!

  • My best friend’s birthday.

  • Prep work for hosting Easter. We are really excited about Easter this year because it’s our year to have Cali (my husband’s daughter / my step-daughter). Who doesn’t love dying Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt?

Without further ado here are my #MarchGoals :

#BlogGoals for March

1. Write at least 8 blog posts this month

2. Gain new followers: Twitter target – 500, Instagram target – 400



3. Increase blog traffic by 10%

4. Join at least 2 more collaborative Pinterest boards

5. Engage more with my followers

6. Learn a thing or two about scheduling posts for social media.

#LifeGoals for March

1. Keep searching and applying for a career type job

2. Till area where garden will be put in

3. Start seed for flowers, herbs, and vegetables

4. Volunteer somewhere at least 3 times this month

5. Clean and organize the basement

6. Try to stay organized to avoid stress

7. Go on more walks (with the pups)

8. Drink more water

9. Meal plan weekly


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