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Sunshine Blogger Award

How exciting? I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Being so new to the blogging world, it means the world to me to be recognized by fellow bloggers, particularly Amanda, the writer of the Back to Fiction blog. She is a lover of her children and stories and you can see her passion in her writing. Check out her blog here.

The Rules for this Award:

  1. Thank the lovely blogger(s) who nominated you for the award and link back

  2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you

  3. Nominate 11 other amazing blogs to receive the award and write them 11 questions

  4. List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post or blog

My Q&A

1. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue

2. What is your favorite animal?

I am a big dog lover. We have 3 of our own, a Boxer, a Redtick Coonhound mix, and a Dutch Shepherd mix. I still credit my dog Susan for my sanity after my divorce. She was my confidant and made me feel whole even when I was lonely. Dogs just have a way of making you feel happy and complete. Now that I am pregnant, I swear they can sense it. They are always glued to my side.

3. What is your favorite hobby?

I have a very wide range of interests but I think if I had to choose one thing that I enjoy most, it would be gardening. I love the process of starting from a little seed and watching it blossom into a a beautiful plant, particularly vegetable plants which can then provide nourishment. The life cycle of plants and knowing you had a hand in helping it reach its peak is quite rewarding. I love being outside feeling the soil between my fingers. Heck, I don't even mind weeding if I can stay on top of it and not let it get out of control.

4. What is your position on home schooling?

Although I am not well educated on the topic of home schooling, I think there is certainly a place for it, however I am a big proponent of socialization and the need for being around peers who are different from you and hold different views to help you become a more well rounded member of society. I also believe that children will have better opportunities for learning from a public or private setting than at home due to funding and the expertise of licensed and remarkable educators. I do think there are many situations where homeschooling may be a more effective form of learning for certain children, and if a parent has the skill set, knowledge and desire to do so there is nothing wrong with that.

5. What area of history is is most interesting to you?

The Victorian era

6. Do you have any tattoos/piercings/scars?

I've had my ears (lobes & cartilage including an industrial) and my belly button pierced. I have since taken all of them out, but the ear lobe piercings are still open.

I have 1 tattoo that I recently got. My mom and I decided to get our first tattoos together after I moved out of state for the first time. We went to Boneface Ink (anyone watch Ink Master??) and got matching peonies on our ankle.

7. Tell and interesting childhood story.

When I was little we had a carpeted living room and for some reason we had a hole in the carpet where HVAC used to run. My dad brought home some pretty big ball bearings, probably 1-1.5" and "Put put hand golf" was created. We would take turns rolling those ball bearings to see who could get the closest or make the most into the hole (there was flooring underneath ... its not like they just fell into the HVAC lol). It was such a silly game but we loved it!

8. What is the nerdiest thing you have done lately?

Usually I do all sorts of nerdy things, but I haven't really done many lately. I guess I could say I totally went down the wormhole looking up how to make steampunk lamps, but more than just that. I wanted to make a rotary water valve switch so it had a cool dimmer. I'm like 95% sure I could make one but, as always I get so hung up on money. I start looking at the price going up and i get a bit of anxiety about it and just scrap the idea. I WILL make one. It will just wait a while.

9. Would you live on a moon or Mars colony?

Nope. Probably not. Well I guess that would depend on the circumstances. If it were life of death, absolutely. If it was experimental ... nah, Im good.

10. Have you ever been skydiving or bungee dumping?

No. Its really not even a bucket list item for me. My sister did it for her big 4-0. It looked like exhilarating fun, but I'm just not sure its for me.

11. What would be the tagline of your autobiography?

The girl who got nothing right the first time, but still ended up rad.

My Questions for My Nominations

  1. What advice would you give a new blogger?

  2. What is your favorite animal?

  3. What is your favorite hobby?

  4. What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?

  5. What is your most recent goal that you accomplished?

  6. Do you have any tattoos/piercings/scars?

  7. Tell an interesting childhood story.

  8. What is the nerdiest thing you have done lately?

  9. Are you an early bird or night owl, and have you always been that way?

  10. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

  11. What would be the tagline of your autobiography?

My Nominations

Amanda Haywood who runs Back to Fiction


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