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Swirly Bath Scrubby - Tutorial & Free Crochet Pattern

I have been making these super cute and EASY crochet bath scrubbies for YEARS. I saw the idea at a craft show for a dish scrubber and modified it to be a bath scrubby by using different materials and my own (very simple) pattern. Back then I didn't do the swirl, but the swirl makes it so much better! Oh the days before pinterest .... what ever did we do?

You could certainly use these scrubbies for dishes if you wanted to, but the way it is stuffed, I think it would be hard to get the"gunk" out of it if you were to use it that way. I would stick to a flat crocheted dishcloth for that (just my two cents). Now, a great thing about these scrubbies is you can always throw them in the washing machine to freshen them up after using them for a while.

The tulle swirl side makes this scrubby perfect for exfoliating your skin. It's not too rough, so don't worry about that, and the other side is soft and feels really nice against your skin. Put a little soap on it, squeeze it between your hands a few times and you are ready to lather up. Just make sure you squeeze the water out well when your done using it and hang it up so it dries well. I hang mine on the faucet. You could also prop it up against a wall if you wanted.

Ok so let's get started! First thing's first, if you would like a shortened, printer friendly version of this pattern, click here, otherwise I will continue on below with lots of images and tips. This pattern is really great for someone just starting out crocheting and makes perfect little gifts. I can finish one of these in under an hour.

Difficulty: Easy

Crochet Hook: 5.5mm

Yarn: Lily Sugar 'N Cream 100% cotton

Tulle: 6” white roll

Stiches used: ch, dc, sl st

Finished Size: 4”


Round 1: ch 5. ss into first ch to complete round.

Round 2: ch 2. 12 dc into center created from first round. End round with sl st.

Round 3: ch 2. Dc in same st. Work 2 dc in each st. Finish round with sl st.

Round 4: ch 2. Dc in same st. Repeat – dc in next st, 2 dc in next st – until the end of the round. Finish with sl st.

Finish off this half and cut the yarn. Repeat pattern above for second half. When finished you will have 2 crocheted rounds that will be put together in a later step.

Tulle Swirl

For the next steps you will use Tulle rather than yarn. You can buy tulle at any craft store. It comes in 6” tall rolls usually in the wedding section. There are a variety of color and pattern options. I usually use white tulle because I like the way it looks, and also because some of the patterned ones I have tried end up being more stiff and rough so they don't feel as nice against your skin.

Cut the roll of tulle in half using a serrated knife. The entire thickness is too bulky for this pattern. Yes, cut through the cardboard roll in the middle too. It looks and feels weird when you are doing it, but just think ... now you have two rolls for the price of one!

Take one of the crocheted halves you have made and start the tulle in the center by pulling a sl st through the center and tying off the end on the back side of the piece.

Sl st between the rounds of dcs so that it creates a continuous chain on top. When you see the row is ending do 1 sl st between the rows and then move up to the next round between dcs.

When you finish you should have a nice swirl created with just tulle and your last sl st will be at the very edge of the crocheted round. Complete the swirl on one side. This allows your scrubby to have a exfoliating side and a soft side.

Connecting the two halves

Hold both halves together and sl st into each chain along the edge. Be sure to go through both of your crocheted pieces.

Go around the outside edge until it is a little over ¾ of the way closed. You want to leave a gap open so you can stuff the inside of the scrubby. The scrubby will be stuffed with tulle. Tulle makes a great stuffing material because it is very airy. It allows the moisture to drain nicely and also allows the yarn to dry after you use it.

Cut the tulle you are working with so that you have at least 2’ (two feet) of extra material. You will use this material to finish closing up the scrubby after you stuff it (and make a hanging loop if you desire). The alternate to this method is to use the other half of the tulle roll that you cut to stuff your scrubby. Stuff the scrubby to your desired thickness. I like to stuff mine really full. The inside seems to compress a bit after use in the shower.

Finish combining the two crocheted rounds so that the tulle is totally enclosed.

To finish the piece you can either leave it as a simple circle or make a small loop of tulle by making chains to hang the scrubby from the faucet or so other hanger.


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