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Valentine's Day - A full day of surprises

For us Valentine ’s Day isn’t about the little trinkets you buy at the store (well maybe it’s a little bit about the chocolate), its just a day that we set aside a little extra time to express our love for each other. Quite frankly, my husband and I generally celebrate Valentine’s Day on a day other than Valentine’s Day, especially if we go out so we avoid all the crowds. Our schedules have been so chaotic lately and we haven’t truly discussed what our plans were so I decided to just have some surprises ready for him throughout the day. These items were easy to do and could be tailored for any special person in your life. Here was my #Valentines2018

1. Baking

I decided to make some heart shaped peanut butter cookies the day before. I knew I wouldn’t get to see him in the early morning so I set them out the night before with a note that he can keep them for himself or bring them in to work with him. You can guess, he kept them for himself and ate at least 6 before I woke up.

Now let me tell you, I had plans to do a chocolate drizzle on these cookies, but as always…. I screwed up the chocolate! I don’t know what I do wrong every time but the darn chocolate does not get “melty,” it ends up clumpy and then I try to fix it and just make it worse. With that being said, we ended up with plain peanut butter cookies and two of them I put some of my jacked up chocolate in the middle to make cookie sandwiches.

Here is the recipe I used for the cookies. They turned out very yummy! Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies

2. Love letters

Everyone loves a good love letter right? I did a little twist on these. Rather than doing one long sappy letter, I made some small love “cards.” Some were funny, Some were sappy, and some were just “us.” I printed them out on heavy card stock.

You can see some of the less personal ones in this photo. We express a lot of things with humor so these ones were a hit!

I also did some sappy personal ones. Here are some topic ideas if you wanted to make some of your own:

  • The way you felt: first date, first kiss, engagement day, marriage day, day you found out you're pregnant, first time you accidentally farted in front of him (don't lie, its happened to us all!)

  • Reasons why you love him

  • Songs that make you think of him

  • How he helped you through something: a major hurdle in life, a death, a loss of some kind

  • How he motivates you

  • Talk about a fond memory you share and what it means to you

  • Why you feel lucky he chose you and you chose him

  • Thank him for something he does that often goes unspoken or unnoticed

  • Let him know you are excited for your future together

Get sappy with it. Valentine's day is a good excuse to do it!

3. Hide the notes!!!

This is probably my favorite part. I took all the notes I wrote and hid them all around the house. I also hid them in places I knew he wouldn’t see right away in the morning. I put one in his uniform pants pocket. I hung one on the mirror in the bathroom. I put one under the toilet seat lid. I put one under his Xbox controller. I even made his lunch for him and placed one in there. Surprises all day! When he got home in the afternoon he was still finding them.

4. Chocolate

What Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate? I made sure to get him a big box of chocolates, and I gave those to him as soon as he got home from work.

...And to think, he thought the notes and cookies were all he was getting!

Secret: I was eyeing those chocolates since I bought them. Luckily, for a change he was willing to share lol.

5. Dinner & Dessert

I made one of his favorite meals, chicken parmesan, and paired it with a super easy but fancy looking dessert. Chocolate pudding moose!

Here are the recipes I used:

Perfect ending for the meal.

6. Trail to the Room

Listen, I'll leave out the details, but this one was fun and I was trying hard not to giggle the whole time I was upstairs. I cut out little hearts to make a trail leading to the bedroom that began at the base of the stairs. Cheesy I know, but how often do you hear about someone actually doing it? I can go ahead and check that one off the list now lol.

When he saw the first one I heard him down stairs say "oh boy" that alone was enough to make me want to burst out in laughter, but then I heard him coming up the stairs and all the dogs were on his heels as he is making little comments. I wrote happy Valentine's Day on a letter board and hung it on the bedroom door.

From beginning to the end he was surprised. I am happy I could give him a day full of surprises.

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